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comfortable living climate, perfectly tailored to the needs of its users.

Crafted with high-quality materials and designed to complement the aesthetic of your container, our customizable pergola extends your event space beyond the four walls of your Boxpop®. Perfect for every type of event, create an outdoor space where guests can gather, relax, and enjoy the ambiance, all while being protected from the elements.

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algarve® pergola

The Renson® Algarve® louvered pergola is highly versatile, offering lean-to or freestanding installation options and the ability to join multiple units. The adjustable louvres rotate 150° for customizable shade and ventilation and are water-repellent when closed, featuring integrated water drainage.

  • Slender support structure
  • Screws are concealed invisibly
  • Extensive range of side elements
  • Coupling up to 6 m x 6 m without additional column
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camargue® pergola

The Renson® Camargue® pergola offers a sleek, seamless design with integrated options like sliding panels and mood lighting. It provides comprehensive weather and wind protection, allowing for all-day outdoor enjoyment.

  • All accessories are beautifully integrated
  • Customized down to the last inch
  • Multi-part coupling, can also be retrofitted
  • Widest range of side elements
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additional attachments

Fully customize your pergola to your taste using unique side elements. Glass walls, surface-mounted screens, sliding panels, and outdoor curtains. These and much more can be used to create the perfect outdoor space.

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surface mounted screens / algarve®
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horizontal panels / camargue®
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glass walls / camargue®
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Private residence uk glass Private residence uk glass

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