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OSHA stairs & handrails

Ensure safety with OSHA-approved stairs and handrails, designed to provide secure footing and stability in any environment. Our robust solutions meet stringent OSHA standards, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and enhancing overall safety. Trust in our expertly crafted steps and handrails to promote a secure working environment.

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OHSA Stairs are a building industry essential for safe and convenient access to raised platforms and entrances. OSHA stairs are a sturdy and easy-to-assemble solution that offers secure accessibility to job site offices, recreational RV entrances, and other lifted locations. Prefabricated OSHA stairs are ideal for repeated use and are available in several configurations to match standard heights. Comprised of modular parts, OSHA stairs can be effortlessly disassembled, transported, and erected at a new location as needed.

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metal handrails

A sturdy handrail is just as important as OSHA stairs for secure, elevated access and meeting job site safety standards. Boxpop® crafts custom metal OSHA handrails that are durable, easy to assemble, and meet required safety protocols. Form-fitted to the elevation and orientation required, Boxpop® is one of the premier handrail fabricators and manufacturers of custom OSHA railings for stairs.

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