Jacob's Farm


Mobile Restroom


October 1st, 2020


Traverse City, Michigan


boxpop® 20

boxpop® designs mobile restroom for jacob's farm



Jacob’s Farm—home to one of the largest corn mazes in Michigan—delights autumn visitors with its maze experience, pumpkin patch, wagon rides, and fresh apple cider. They also now boast the finest option anywhere in portable, outdoor facilities. From premium wood cabinetry and touchless sinks inside to eye-catching graphics and signage outside for immersive branded events, BoxPop® is built to suit any venue or application.


With BoxPop, creative entrepreneurs can “be their own contractor”—something the Witkops took advantage of when creating their restroom container. The spacious, 6-stall unit checked all their boxes by, first, delivering the look and feel of an upscale, indoor facility. Each stall provided a space designed around cleanliness and comfort. Great lighting, flushable toilets, insulated walls, and real sinks with hot and cold running water. The unit was designed to connect directly to the Witkop’s inground water/septic system. An exhaust/ventilation, and total HVAC/climate control was installed for odor control plus a custom paint job and decals outside so the unit blended seamlessly with its surroundings.


Any outdoor venue on private property like the Witkop’s 40-acre farm poses a number of problems when you have a large number of people who need to use the restroom. There’s was also a host of troublesome local building codes designed by county officials who had never considered using a shipping container as a restroom before. “The BoxPop crew was here multiple times to change, alter, and replace what county demanded,” says Mike Witkop. “But it was definitely worth it. Our visitors are constantly thanking and complimenting us. Like anything that is unique and done well, it’s a surprising thing to most people and that makes for a good memory [which how often can you say that about a restroom].”

Box Pop Jacobs Corn Maze Mobile Restroom on farm
Jacobs Corn Maze Box Pop Restroom Container outside
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