Arrowood Golf Course


Experiential Marketing


May 3rd, 2022


Oceanside, California


boxpop® 20

the flight deck takes-off with BoxPop®



Sunny fairways, manicured greens, and bunkers furrowed like a zen garden. Place that in balmy southern California and you’ll be packing your clubs to head West. Looking to merge the gap between the consummate golfer and the casual enjoyer, Arrowood Golf Course in Oceanside, CA created The Flight Deck—a top of the line 10-stall driving range. Featuring shaded lounge areas, reasonable pricing, and modern Toptracer technology to track and display those impressive drives, the Flight Deck is a fusion of high-tech meets hangout. All that was left for this relaxing driving range was an attractive bar befitting the casual atmosphere. To make it happen, Arrowood assistant general manager Nikki Prichard sought out BoxPop® for that novelty look that would match the Flight Deck’s sociable scene.


Prichard had explored contractors and tradition construction for their satellite bar but like going up a club size, wanted something with a bit more impact. Working with the BoxPop® team Arrowood selected a 20’ single container with a complete build-out package. Integrated with bar refrigerators, exhaust and ceiling fans and completely wired with panel, power outlets and LED lighting throughout, this BoxPop®was fully functional for the Flight Deck. Complimented by butcher block window bar tops, custom paint job in attractive matte black, and large matching 3M “Flight Deck” graphics, this satellite bar was sleek as a private airliner. Topped off with a stair-access rooftop lounge overlooking the fairway, this container bar was shooting under par.


Searching for a bar that would bring a clean look and match the casual driving range vibe, Arrowood opted for a container by BoxPop®. Even after considering conventional construction, Nikki Prichard concluded that BoxPop® was the right fit for the Flight Deck and its customers. “The goal is to bring new golfers to the course and generate interest at the driving range,” said Prichard, “We are excited to invite the community out here.” Pair the provided container install with Britten Inc’s signature ease of doing business and the whole experience for Arrowood Golf Course was as effortless as a tap in. “It was a quick, easy, and stress-free process,” said Prichard, “The BoxPop was completed in only three months, just in time for golf season.”

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