globalshop 2018

April 4th, 2018 / BoxPop® Team / 1M READ TIME

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Custom Containers are the perfect Tradeshow Solution.

We just returned from GlobalShop 2018 where a BoxPop® modified shipping container was the center-point of a beautiful tradeshow display!

People at the Global Shop Tradeshow

We traveled to McCormick Place in Chicago with Britten, Inc. to help them make a big impression on the designers and marketers attending the show. Britten’s custom tradeshow display featured a 10×20 BoxPop® custom shipping container. Although there were a lot of really great custom exhibit booth’s at the conference, Britten’s display was an absolute “stand out”! Their booth featured a rooftop deck along with an innovative and new mobile retail experience that was not only engaging, but was delivered a true brand experience for the people attending the show.

People taking selfies at the Global Shop Tradeshow

Aside from the buzz created by the custom container, attendees also lined up to have their picture taken with a muscular Foam3D™ statue and to “work out” with some heavy looking foam weights that were actually about as light as a feather.

We at BoxPop® feel so lucky to have been a part of such a successful event and we’re super excited to do it again!

Britten team at the Global Shop Tradeshow

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