Frog’s Leap Winery


Mobile Bar Tasting Room


June 12th, 2024


Napa Valley, California


boxpop® 10

frog's leap winery mobile tasting room



Wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, floods—Napa Valley winery owners have weathered their fair share of disasters over the last 10 years. But navigating statewide coronavirus closures proved something new. The strict regulations limiting indoor serving capacity that followed forced wineries to rethink the entire way they do business. Looking for a way to negate lost seating revenue by creating a safe outdoor space for social-distancing customers, Frog’s Leap Winery in Rutherford, CA, reached out to the BoxPop® team for help.


Maximizing ROI during the summer months meant a fast turnaround from concept to completion was key. For their outdoor wine bar, Frog’s Leap chose the BoxPop® 20—a 20’ X 8’ mobile shipping container with 160 sq. ft. of customizable serving space inside. Considered the Gold Standard for full-service mobile/outdoor tasting rooms, the BoxPop® 20 fabricated for Frog’s Leap featured two entrance doors, a custom service window, stainless steel prep table, and rustic shiplap interior. Wired to power ice makers and wine coolers. Plumbed to support running water and a custom bar sink. With custom painting and signage, the BoxPop® 20 was loaded onto a flatbed and transported across the country where it now serves as a satellite tasting room supporting the entire external patio area outside Frog’s Leap’s main Rutherford location.


Fast to setup. Eye-catchingly cool. BoxPop® outdoor tasting rooms deliver more seating space for customers looking to avoid crowds and more indoor elbowroom for serving staff.

BoxPop 10 outdoor bar at Frog's Leap Winery
Box Pop Frogs Leap Winery activation
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With wineries all across America are feeling the squeeze from indoor seating restrictions, custom shipping containers have gone from something ‘nice to have’ to ‘need to have’ for winery owners who want to stay open and continue to safely profit through these abnormal times. - Matt Egan, BoxPop®’s VP of Specialty Construction

winery at the Leap Winery
winery shot at the Leap Winery

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