KC Wheel


KC Wheel Custom Shipping Containers


July 15th, 2024


Kansas City, Missouri


boxpop® 10

boxpop® 20

boxpop® 40

Custom Containers Elevate the KC Wheel Experience



Located in the heart of Kansas City, the KC Wheel wanted to create a community gathering space for recreational opportunities in a central community park. Offering unprecedented views of downtown Kansas City, a dedicated refreshment station, and even their very own mini golf course, the KC Wheel stands as a new icon of Kansas City.

During the initial planning phase, however, the KC Wheel team faced some limitations. Their venue was too small to accommodate both the expected crowds and necessary structures to support said crowds. Traditional brick-and-mortar buildings are bulky and would excessively restrict the walking space, so they sought an alternative solution with a BoxPop® custom shipping container park.


In the face of this challenge, BoxPop® shipping containers were just the thing for the job. KC Wheel partnered with our BoxPop® team to create six custom shipping containers that would give them the ability to build out all of the desired retail shops and vendor booths. Our containers offer the same quality as traditional structures, but in a more compact and often more affordable package. Additionally, their semi-permanent construction reduced the required amount of permitting and restrictions, which cut costs even further and ensured a smoother overall process.

KC Wheel required several structures to run their operations: a mini golf ticket booth, two storage units, a refreshment station, a ticket and photo booth for the wheel, and a staff break room. To meet these needs within tight space constraints, our team provided three container sizes: BoxPop® 10', BoxPop® 20', and BoxPop® 40'. Each container features custom graphics aligning with the brand theming, enhancing the space with their vibrant colors.


The implementation of BoxPop® shipping containers worked wonders in alleviating the once-constrained walkways. With the new available space, the capacity and accessibility of the venue is substantially greater compared to the standard brick-and-mortar approach. This innovative solution allowed KC Wheel to make the most of their limited space and launch their business in a seamless fashion.

When KC Wheel reached their opening day, it marked the beginning of a grand transformation for Pennway Point. With volleyball courts, ice skating, a neon museum, and several restaurants to follow, this up-and-coming entertainment district is proving itself to be a new center hub for the local community and tourists alike. The wheel itself is a remarkable addition to the Kansas skyline, and has made a name for itself as new centerpiece of Kansas City.

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